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APSO (Ohio) Contest Finalists

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Mooninite, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Mooninite

    Mooninite Member

    Here are the finalists in the Associated Press Society of Ohio contest...sports related entries only

    Division V Paper with circ 75,000 and over
    Best Web Site: The Columbus Dispatch; Akron Beacon Journal; Dayton Daily News; The Cincinnati Enquirer.

    Best Sports Columnist: Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch; Todd Jones, The Columbus Dispatch; Tom Archdeacon, Dayton Daily News.

    Best Sports Writer: Doug Lesmerises, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; Dustin Dow, The Cincinnati Enquirer; Jodie Valade, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; Mike Wagner, The Columbus Dispatch.

    Best Game Story: Bill Koch, The Cincinnati Enquirer, “Wild Ending Sours Bearcats’ Jubilation”; Dave Hackenberg, The (Toledo) Blade, “Tiger Has No Peer — His Age”; Matt Markey, The (Toledo) Blade, “Backyard to Brickyard.”

    Best Sports Enterprise: Dennis Manoloff, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, “LeBron James’ Body of Work”; Jill Riepenhoff and Mike Wagner, The Columbus Dispatch, “Spoilsports”; Randy Ludlow, The Columbus Dispatch, “Busted Bobcats”; Terry Pluto, Akron Beacon Journal, “Dan Gilbert’s World.”

    Best Special Sports Section: The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, “2006 High School and College Preview”; The Cincinnati Enquirer, “Baseball by the Book”; The Columbus Dispatch, “Ohio State-Michigan Preview”; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, “The Game.”

    Best Daily Sports Section: The Cincinnati Enquirer; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer; The Columbus Dispatch.

    Best Sports Photo: Andy Morrison, The (Toledo) Blade, “Victorious Wrestler”; Fred Squillante, The Columbus Dispatch, “Eye on the Ball”; Jeff Swinger, The Cincinnati Enquirer, “Dustin’s Determination.”

    DIVISION IV Newspapers with daily circulation of 25,000 to 74,999
    Best Web Site: Warren Tribune Chronicle; Mansfield News Journal; The (Canton) Repository.

    Best Sports Columnist: Larry Graham, The Lima News; Lonnie Wheeler, The Cincinnati Post; Steve Doerschuk, The (Canton) Repository.

    Best Sports Writer: Joe Scalzo, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Lucas Sullivan, Springfield News-Sun; Steve Doerschuk, The (Canton) Repository; Victoria Sun, The Cincinnati Post.

    Best Game Story: Andy Call, The (Canton) Repository, “Carmona Loses it Again”; Jim Ingraham, The (Willoughby) News-Herald, “Fans Leave ’06 Finale Empty-Handed”; Joe Scalzo, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, “Win by a Whisker”; Jon Spencer, Mansfield News Journal, “Shoe Shootout.”

    Best Sports Enterprise: The Cincinnati Post, “Bold Move”; The (Canton) Repository, “The Best Ever?”; Lucas Sullivan and Michael Cooper, Springfield News-Sun, “Witt’s Tournament Week”; Steve Doerschuk, The (Canton) Repository, “Charlie Frye Series.”

    Best Special Sports Section: The (Canton) Repository, “Six for ’06”; The (Willoughby) News-Herald, “Who’s the Real Deal?”; Springfield News-Sun, “Inside Friday Night”;
    The (Canton) Repository, “Stark Marvels.”

    Best Daily Sports Section: Mansfield News Journal; The (Willoughby) News-Herald; The (Canton) Repository.

    Best Sports Photo: Bob Rossiter, The (Canton) Repository, “Mudbath”; Kelli Cardinal, The Lima News, “Tag You’re Out”; Marshall Gorby, Springfield News-Sun, “Foot Steps”; Teesha McClam, Springfield News-Sun, “Ouch.”
  2. Mooninite

    Mooninite Member


    DIVISION II, Newspapers with daily circulation of 8,000 to 12,999
    Best Web Site: The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune, Mount Vernon News, The (Massillon) Independent.

    Best Sports Columnist: Doug Haidet, Ashland Times-Gazette; Dusty Sloan, Ashland Times-Gazette; Jason Arkley, The Athens Messenger; Mark Hazelwood, Ashland Times-Gazette.

    Best Sports Writer: David Fong, Troy Daily News; Doug Haidet, Ashland Times-Gazette; Rocco Longo, The (East Liverpool) Review.

    Best Game Story: David Fong, Troy Daily News, “Good to the Last Minute”; Donn Walden, The Delaware Gazette, “Utter Disbelief”; Jeff Taepke, Portsmouth Daily Times, “Buckeyes Remain Unbeaten.”

    Best Sports Enterprise: The Marietta Times, “PFX Tour Comes to Marietta”; Bartt Davis and Kevin Gordon, The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, “College Recruiting”; Ken Barhorst, The Sidney Daily News, “Sidney Wrestler’s Determination Inspires Teammates, Opponents”; Mike Brown, The (Alliance) Review, “He’s Mr. Buckeye.”

    Best Special Sports Section: The (East Liverpool) Review, “High School Football 2006”; The (Massillon) Independent, “The Game”; Ashland Times-Gazette, “2006 Pigskin Preview.”

    Best Daily Sports Section: The (Bowling Green) Sentinel-Tribune, The Marietta Times, The (Massillon) Independent, The (Alliance) Review.

    Best Sports Photo: Aaron Rudolph, Lisbon Morning Journal, “Duck and Cover”; James Miller, The Marion Star, “Stumble”; Mitch Casey, The Marietta Times, “Goalie Collision.”

    DIVISION I, Newspapers with daily circulation up to 7,999
    Best Web Site: Wapakoneta Daily News; Wilmington News Journal; Coshocton Tribune.

    Best Sports Columnist: Amanda Rodeheffer, Greenville Daily Advocate; Gary Ogle, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum; Jim Walker, The Ironton Tribune.

    Best Sports Writer: B.J. Lisko, The Salem News; Gary Ogle, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum; Matthew Horn, Port Clinton News-Herald.

    Best Game Story: Brad Morris, The (Circleville) Herald, “One More Game”; Gary Ogle, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, “Eagles Stun 4th-Ranked Blue Devils”; Jeff Gates, The (London) Madison Press, “State Champions.”

    Best Sports Enterprise: B.J. Lisko, The Salem News, “The Sports Editor VS.”; Jim Walker, The Ironton Tribune, “Wonder-ful Legacy”; Tim Miller, Marysville Journal-Tribune, “Mission Accomplished.”

    Best Special Sports Section: Piqua Daily Call, “A Winning Strategy”; The Salem News, “Beyond the Arc”; Jim Walker, The Ironton Tribune, “Pigskin Preview”; Sarah Clark, Wilmington News Journal, “Huddle Up.”

    Best Daily Sports Section: Coshocton Tribune; The Salem News; Jim Walker, The Ironton Tribune.

    Best Sports Photo: Charles Caperton, Fairborn Daily Herald, “Bag Dance”; James E. Mahan, Piqua Daily Call, “Ohio State Celebrates”; Jessica St. James, The Ironton Tribune, “Stick It”; Tim Miller, Marysville Journal-Tribune, “Just Missed It.”

    DIVISION III, Newspapers with daily circulation of 13,000 to 24,999
    Best Web Site: The (Dover-New Philadelphia) Times Reporter; The (Hamilton) JournalNews; The (Findlay) Courier.

    Best Sports Columnist: Aaron Dorksen, The (Wooster) Daily Record; Bruce Hefflinger, The (Defiance) Crescent-News; Dave Hanneman, The (Findlay) Courier; Joe Arnold, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; Rick Noland, The Medina Gazette.

    Best Sports Writer: Aaron Dorksen, The (Wooster) Daily Record; Dave Hanneman, The (Findlay) Courier; Joe Arnold, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; Mark Heiman, The (Findlay) Courier.

    Best Game Story: Bryan Schaaf, The (Wooster) Daily Record, “Champions!”; Dave Purpura, The (Newark) Advocate, “Pellet Powers NC”; Joe Arnold, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Well Worth the Wait”; Skip Weaver, Middletown Journal, “Panther Pressure Wallops Warriors.”

    Best Sports Enterprise: Dave Hanneman, The (Findlay) Courier, “FHS and Substance Abuse”; Jamie Baker and Mark Heiman, The (Findlay) Courier, “New OHSAA Divisions”; Patrick Meyers, Steubenville Herald-Star, “Zamana: Central’s Angel in the Outfield”; Skip Weaver and John Bombatch, Middletown Journal, “An Era Comes to a Close.”

    Best Special Sports Section: The (Newark) Advocate, “The Game”; Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, “High School Football Preview”; The (Wooster) Daily Record, “High School Football Preview: Throwback Edition”; Middletown Journal, “Career Dreams.”

    Best Daily Sports Section: Elyria Chronicle-Telegram; The (Newark) Advocate; The (Findlay) Courier; Middletown Journal.

    Best Sports Photo: Bridget Commiso, The Medina Gazette, “Pinned”; Daniel Kraus, The (Ashtabula) Star-Beacon, “What Gravity?”; Eric George, The (Newark) Advocate, “State Track”; Frank Robertson, Chillicothe Gazette, “State Volleyball”; Jim Noelker, Middletown Journal, “T-Ball.”
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