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APSE Atlantic Coast awards

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by FreddiePatek, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. FreddiePatek

    FreddiePatek Active Member

    For those who like to read such things and those whose papers were involved, here at the APSE Atlantic Coast writing awards. I believe the region consists of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. I think there were only over 80K and under 80K categories.

    Congrats to all.

    Over 80,000 circulation:

    Column writing

    1 Ron Morris, The State

    2 Aaron McFarling, Roanoke Times

    3 Bob Molinaro, Virginian-Pilot

    Game/event writing

    1 Ron Green Jr, Charlotte Observer

    2 David Caraviello, Post and Courier

    3 Darryl Slater, Daily Press

    News writing

    1 Charles Chandler, Charlotte Observer

    2 Kyle Tucker, Virginian-Pilot

    3 David Scott, Gary Schwab, Charlotte Observer

    Feature writing

    1 Melinda Waldrop, Daily Press

    2 Patrick Obley, The State

    3 Tom Robinson, Virginian-Pilot

    Under 80,000 circulation

    Column writing

    1 David Fawcett, Potomac News

    2 Jeff Kidd, Island Packet

    3 John Brasier, Anderson Independent-Mail

    Game/event writing

    1 David Utnik, Potomac News

    2 Bob Sutton, Burlington News

    3 Jeff Kidd, Island Packet

    News writing

    1 Neil Amato, Wilmington Star News

    2 Andy Bitter, Lynchburg News & Advance

    3 Tommy Keeler, No. Virginia Daily

    Feature writing

    1 Matt Stanmyre, Potomac News*

    2 Bryan Strickland, Durham Herald-News
  2. fmrsped

    fmrsped Active Member

    Anderson represent!
  3. blondebomber

    blondebomber Member

    How many papers are in this competition? Nine?
  4. OK, take a breath, oh hometown of Jim Ed Rice.
  5. DougRoberson

    DougRoberson Member

    my bad on the names, I was typing faster than I was thinking when I compiled the winners and went through the codes to match up who won what. Apologies to Durham, Burlington, and any other paper's name that I may have mislabled.

  6. Yeah Doug, for a such a stickler like you when it comes to typos, that's unacceptable.
  7. MU_was_not_so_hard

    MU_was_not_so_hard Active Member

    Kind of what I was thinking. I have been told that my paper did not enter, although we are definitely in this region. I'm gonna go beat up my SE right now.
  8. DougRoberson

    DougRoberson Member

    14 or 15 papers entered. Unfortunately, quite a few didn't, but we hope we'll get more next year. Sorry again to Burlington and Durham, having worked up and down I-40 the first few years of my career, I can't believe I misidentified a few of them.
  9. MU_was_not_so_hard

    MU_was_not_so_hard Active Member

    Doug, you're forgiven. You do too much good here to get blasted for that.
    And trust me, you hand me an award, you can call me or my paper anything your want. Thanks for the No. of papers entered. I really was curious.
  10. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Why the asterisk on Stanmyre? Is he on 'roids?
  11. Actually, one of his stories was entered in the wrong category in the estimation of the judges (was sent in news, should have been in features), and the judges moved it to the features category, thinking that would be the end of it. Problem was, that story joined his first-place entry in the top 3, but because he had two entries in the same category, which the judges didn't know until after they had reported the results, one had to be tossed. I should have removed the asterisk when I sent out the results, but I neglected to do so. It was keyed to a note explaining the above. So, Stanmyre actually had two of the top three features in under-80 category. You can give him his props here.
    As for the number of entries, we were pretty pleased given that this was the first year of the regional contest. And since the contest "year" was 1/1/06 to 9/30/06, we figured it would give SEs a head start on preparing their national entries, and that might boost the number of entries. We hope for more next year, but the 14 or 15 who entered made the contest fairly representative of the papers in the region.
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