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AP: Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Chi City 81, May 20, 2008.

  1. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    Just heard it break on MSNBC. Waiting for a link.

    EDIT: Still no link, but:

    Eds: APNewsNow.
    APNewsBreak: Sen. Kennedy has malignant brain tumor
    Associated Press Writer

    BOSTON (AP) _ Sen. Edward M. Kennedy say he has a malignant brain tumor.

    Doctors for the Massachusetts Democrat say tests conducted after Kennedy suffered a seizure this weekend show a tumor in his left parietal lobe. His treatment will be decided after more tests but the usual course includes combinations of radiation and chemotherapy.

    The 76-year-old senator has been hospitalized in Boston since Saturday, when he was airlifted from Cape Cod after a seizure at his home.

    His wife and children have been with him each day but have made no public statements.

    His doctors said in a statement released to The Associated Press that he has had no further seizures, is in good spirits and is resting comfortably.
  2. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Re: Breaking: Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor

    Faux News is crediting AP.
  3. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    Re: Breaking: Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor

    MSNBC is also crediting AP. But I'm not seeing anything on AP Exchange.
  4. 21

    21 Well-Known Member

    Re: Breaking: Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor

  5. budcrew08

    budcrew08 Active Member

    CNN has it too, but no link to a story.
  6. The Big Ragu

    The Big Ragu Moderator Staff Member

    That is horrible.
  7. 21

    21 Well-Known Member

    CNN says malignant.
  8. jgmacg

    jgmacg Guest

    Before this gets locked, our best to the Senator and his family.
  9. Beaker

    Beaker Active Member

    That's awful. Best to Senator Kennedy and his family.
  10. hockeybeat

    hockeybeat Guest

    Terrible news.
  11. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    Thoughts and prayers to the senator and the family.
  12. forever_town

    forever_town Well-Known Member

    That's awful.

    My thoughts are with him and I hope he has a quick recovery.
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