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Another job in Marietta (Ga.)

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by heyuimintojsus, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Company: Neighbor Newspapers
    Position:SPORTS EDITOR
    Location: Marietta, Georgia
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: Negotiable
    Ad Expires: October 23, 2007
    Job ID: 329302
    Website: http://neighbornewspapers.com

    SPORTS EDITOR: Suburban Atlanta newspapers seek sports editor to supervise coverage and production of sports section in metro Atlanta weekly. Prior experience as sports editor preferred. Individual must be highly-motivated and hard-working. Email resume to resumes@mdjonline.com or fax 770-428-5375. NO PHONE CALLS.
  2. Brookerton

    Brookerton Member

    Wow. They lose their ASE and SE in about a two week span. That's impressive.
  3. novelist_wannabe

    novelist_wannabe Well-Known Member

    It would be impressive anyplace else. I'm sure it's happened at Marietta before. Perhaps multiple times in the past 10 years.
  4. nietsroob17

    nietsroob17 Well-Known Member

    This a job for their chain of weekly newspapers around the metro.

  5. Shifty Squid

    Shifty Squid Member

    As niet has pointed out, this is with one of their "Neighbor" papers that hit the counties surrounding Atlanta. It's a one-man gig, but it's reportedly a better job than working at the MDJ. I've known of multiple guys who have been perfectly content to stay at a Neighbor. Less stress. Brumby rarely butts in because he doesn't much care. If you want to live in Atlanta, it's not a great job by any means, but it's not terrible either. The job security is OK, and you've got plenty of opportunities/time for stringing if you're the enterprising sort.
  6. bigbadeagle

    bigbadeagle Member

    Yes, it's bad, but at least you're not constantly in the ninth circle of hell on Fairground Street.
  7. TyWebb

    TyWebb Well-Known Member

    Do I really even need to say it?


  8. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Don't hold anything back. Tell us how you really feel.

    Oh... I feel the same way. And I don't even live down there... lol
  9. shortstop

    shortstop New Member

    They've had some good sportswriters come through Marietta, but it never seems like they stay very long. It's like there's a revolving door there. Sounds like it's a decent stepping stone job (I've seen several ex-Marietta guys end up at bigger papers), but I've never gotten the feeling it's a particularly enjoyable place to work. So buyer beware!
  10. Shifty Squid

    Shifty Squid Member

    You're right about some good writers coming through Marietta, but I think that's probably more a matter of not knowing the situation and its location than it is that the paper is a stepping stone. It's really not, for most people. In fact, for every sports guy who has moved on to bigger and better things from Marietta, there are probably at least 5 more for whom the MDJ was the last stop of their career.

    One of the stories is that Brumby resents it if you move up from Marietta to the AJC. When one recent SE informed management he was giving his two weeks' notice, he was asked, "Are you going downtown? 'Cause if so, you can go ahead and leave now." By "downtown," it was clear he meant the AJC.
  11. Georgiaguy

    Georgiaguy Member

    Brumby is a reason to hate newspapers. I have never worked for the man, but I know a few that have, and to a man, no one has anything positive to say about the place.
    I know this is for one of the neighbor gigs, but having interviewed for one of those a few years ago, the play is laughable in a metro area. It is one of those they tell you the pay and you go "No really what is it" and they are not smiling.
    It is a job, but not much of one for long.
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