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Alum pledges 200K if Willingham and Turner are fired

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by heyabbott, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. heyabbott

    heyabbott Well-Known Member

    By Lisa Albers

    University of Washington athletic boosters and regular fans have inundated President Mark Emmert, Athletic Director Todd Turner, and football Coach Ty Willingham with hate e-mail over the Huskies' abysmal performance. So found the Seattle Times from a public records request.

    Of the 1,000 or so e-mail messages was Ed Hansen's pledge of $100,000 to fund a law school scholarship if Willingham was terminated and another $100,000 to also fund a law school scholarship if Turner was terminated.

    Time to take note of Ed Hansen's other tie to UW. He's a UW alum, of course, and a lawyer himself (hence the law school windfall) and former mayor of Everett. He's also a key player behind Everett's bid for the next UW campus. He could be for Everett what a George Russell, Bill Philip, or James Milgard was for Tacoma. Where there's $200,000 to save Huskies football, there may be more for a future UW-Everett
  2. IU90

    IU90 Member

    That guy sounds like an asshole to me.
  3. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Hell, if I had $20,000, I would have done the same thing for my old high school. Not because the coach couldn't win, but because he'd have to improve to be an asshole.
  4. JackyJackBN

    JackyJackBN Guest

    The best of college football.

    I can't imagine a more boring individual than Ty Willingham, but he came to UW with precious little left to work with. Who are they going to replace him with, Charlie Weiss?

    (I know, Jim Mora is the leader in the clubhouse, but that selection is beginning to smell like a Nha Be nuoc mam barrel.)
  5. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    Pretty empty threat/promise. I'm sure it would cost a lot more than $200,000 to dump the two.
  6. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    $200,000 ain't a lot of money.
    I agree with the first reply to this thread
    This guy sounds like a major asshole.
    Egotistical asshole.
  7. Mr. Homer

    Mr. Homer Member

    Another season without a bowl and Mr. Hansen's money will be taken. Count on it.
  8. Rumpleforeskin

    Rumpleforeskin Active Member

    The money would be going to the good of the school. Plus, wouldn't $100,000 equal about one semester of tuition at UW? I keed, I keed, but that would be able to help a few people.
  9. Kaylee

    Kaylee Member

    Wow. I thought this sort of garbage happened only at places like Arkansas. Sheesh.

    You know, I'm not one to advise people on what to do with their money. Go out and buy one of those French ass-fountains then rig it to shoot bourbon up your keister rather than water for all I care. Free market, etc.

    But Tyrone Willingham is a football coach, which on the "impact on mankind" meter ranks somewhere between paint salesman and zipper manufacturer (probably lower...we need paint and zippers.)

    If you have $200,000 burning a hole in your pocket so bad that you're thinking of wasting it on something as cosmically pointless as football, perhaps a look around should be in order. There's charities. Medical research. Presidential candidates. Many more productive areas upon which to flush 200K.

    I really am starting to believe that college boosters are the dingleberries on society's ass.
  10. JackyJackBN

    JackyJackBN Guest

    I'm no fan of Ed Hansen and his approach to donating--quite the opposite, in fact--but he wasn't earmarking his proposed donations for the football program. Just trying to control it through them.

    Also, Todd Turner is down the road.
  11. Piotr Rasputin

    Piotr Rasputin New Member

    $200,000 is a nice chunk of change, but it's far from an athletic program-changing sum at a place like Washington.

    Pac-10 schools laugh when someone puts conditions on a donation of that size.

    Hell, just about any major BCS school would laugh at a dude who says that. Pony up a million, bozo; then call the university and start making demands.
  12. MacDaddy

    MacDaddy Active Member

    Well, he is a U-Dub booster.
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