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A question for cat owners

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Pencil Dick, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Pencil Dick

    Pencil Dick Member

    Has anyone ever heard of or owned a cat that has suffered an apparent stroke?

    Our Maine Coon, 16, experienced what the vet believes to have been a stroke on Friday. I was at home when it happened - the sound he made still haunts me. Rushed him to the vet, who did blood work and should have those results tomorrow.

    The cat can't stand or even hold his head up, but is clear-eyed, eating like normal and clearing his bladder (I'll spare details on how we're accomplishing that). He doesn't seem to be in pain ... he's sporadically stretching, extending his rear legs, even rotating his head. There just seems to be a disconnect between his brain and his limbs.

    After talking to the vet on Saturday, we're prepared for the inevitable - Daughter PD seems to be taking it better than her parents.

    And yet, the more I scour the Internets, I keep reading about cats that have been diagnosed as stroke victims that have recovered after a couple of weeks and gone on to live somewhat normal lives. Many had identical symptoms - little to no movement in the limbs, inability to stand, but still able to eat and use the bathroom.

    Any advice, encouragement, even cold hard truth will be appreciated.

    And if you feel the need to interject juvenile humor, take it to another thread, please.
  2. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    From messybeast.com

    You have to dig around for it, so I'm quoting it for you. I'm not a vet (although I'm related to several and will make phone calls for the appropriate bribe), but you should probably wait two-three weeks to see what sort of recover the kitty is making before you make the decision about euthanize.

  3. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    so sorry to hear that, PD. Hope the critter is OK.
  4. ArnoldBabar

    ArnoldBabar Active Member

    Damn, I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. Seems like with the potential of misdiagnosis, and the fact that the cat's holding his own and not expressing pain, it's worth hanging out a while and seeing if he improves.
  5. Barsuk

    Barsuk Active Member

    As a fellow cat owner, I would have to hold out a few weeks and see if the little fella makes a comeback.

    Hang in there, PD. Hang in there, Maine Coon.
  6. Norman Stansfield

    Norman Stansfield Active Member

    Our family went through something similar with our dog when I was in high school.

    He was a 140-lb German Shepherd/Malmute mix, and about 10 years old when he just fell over, lost complete control and couldn't move one night. My dad and I literally had to carry him in a blanket out to the car, and we rushed him to the vet, who said he'd had a stroke. The dog literally had no real movement other than tremors, and it seemed hopeless.

    It turned around in a few days, though, and by the next week he was fine save for some major hearing loss. He wound up living another five years, and for that we were grateful.

    I know it's two different animals, but I guess I'm just saying remain positive.

    Good luck...
  7. BTExpress

    BTExpress Well-Known Member

    Sad to hear. My oldest is struggling with a vaccine-caused fibrosarcoma.

    Wishing your animal the best.
  8. forever_town

    forever_town Well-Known Member

    I'd agree with the above advice to wait and see what the cat does. If I were to euthanize a pet and there was a chance it could have made a recovery, it would bother me for a very long time.

    Sorry to hear you're going through this, PD.
  9. Danny Noonan

    Danny Noonan Member

    So very sorry to hear about this ... I'd agree with those who say to hang in there a while longer and see what happens. Best wishes to you.
  10. Beaker

    Beaker Active Member

    Sorry to hear about your cat, PD. Mine was diagnosed with kidney disease and only given a few months, but that was a few years ago now. Specialized food has worked for him, and he's now a remarkably healthy 19.

    So hang in there, and I hope he recovers well.
  11. patchs

    patchs Active Member

    I hope he comes back quick.
    We have 2 1-year-old kitties and they quickly became a big part of our family.
  12. Pencil Dick

    Pencil Dick Member

    For those who've PM'd to ask:

    Stimpy (the only original cat name we could come up with in 1992) had to be put to sleep a couple of days ago. He showed no sign of recovering from the stroke/seizure and blood tests revealed he also was diabetic and was beginning to show signs of kidney disease.

    He was a wonderful pet for 16 years and we miss him terribly. He was our "child" long before our daughter arrived. I appreciate all who sent along their best wishes - even on an anonymous message board, it meant a hell of a lot. Thanks.

    And, being the good father that I am, we've had the cat cremated, per the 9-year-old's request. Her mother is aghast, but she insists the remains will be displayed in a prominent place in her bedroom. Probably wouldn't have been my decision, but how do you say no to a grieving kid in that situation? You don't ...

    She's also informed both sets of grandparents she's bringing his ashes when she comes to visit. :)
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