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A Plane Possibly Chartered By Whom?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Fenian_Bastard, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Judicial Watch (Consistently Schizophrenic Since 1993) pried an FBI memo loose in one of its 9 gazillion lawsuits.

    Click through to the PDF to see the actual memo.
    I think I speak for the whole class when I say, WTF?
  2. digger

    digger New Member


    Does anybody else have a problem with all those people gathering in Las Vegas two days before 9/11? Like maybe they knew something was going to happen and thought they could protect themselves better if they were all together?

    George and the FBI have some explaining to do on why that group was allowed to leave.
  3. The Big Ragu

    The Big Ragu Moderator Staff Member

    I agree that the investigation, or lack of it, shows the FBI as a bunch of bunglers. But you have to be the most committed conspiracy theorist on earth to assume something more nefarious than it just being exactly what it looks like. These were members of the Saudi royal family and their entourage--our friends, supposedly--not Al Queda. Given what we know about the Saudi royal family, they were in Las Vegas for the coke and hookers, not for anything related to 9/11. It's kind of silly to think they had anything to do with 9/11, but even if they had, don't you think they would have stayed well clear of the U.S. when they were planning an attack on us? Why would Osama bin Laden make himself the most wanted man in the world and then charter an airplane in his own name as a way to shuttle his people out of the U.S.?
  4. Why indeed?
  5. digger

    digger New Member

    Well, lets see:

    Two days before 9/11, that group of Saudis (and weren't most of the hijackers Saudis?) gathers in Vegas, where they could easily hire security to protect them after the attacks. And where they were all together for easy logistics for when they left the country.

    It would have been nice if we at least looked into it.
  6. digger

    digger New Member

    And by the way, I've been to Dealy Plaza, and it just doesn't make a lot of sense that Lee Harvey (you madman!) would have shot after the motorcade turned and was moving away from him, instead of as it was driving toward him.

    So I guess yes on the conspiracy theory thing.
  7. The Big Ragu

    The Big Ragu Moderator Staff Member

    You don't distinguish between the Saudi royal family (who are a target of Al Queda, the way we are) and the hijackers of those planes who were from Saudi Arabia? Alrighty then. Should we have rounded up every Saudi national in the U.S. and done an interrogation, or just the ones who wear towels on their heads? Or should the FBI have probed anyone who looks middle eastern and not let them out of the country?

    Just to flesh this one out... Members of the Saudi royal family were in Las Vegas (where you can find coke, hookers and gambling--very un-Al Queda-like activities, but which have always been favorite activities of the Saudi royal family), because Las Vegas relates to 9/11 in what way? Why not gather in Riyadh if you are part of some nefarious plot that makes no rational sense? It's a hell of a lot closer to home and you're, um, not putting yourself in the hands of the people are you attacking.

    You like conspiracy theories. I just figured you'd want ones that make sense rationally and for which you can actually connect some dots.
  8. digger

    digger New Member

    No, just the ones who conveniently gathered in a place where maybe no one would REALLY pay that much attention to them (everyone's there to have a good time), and where they could easily protect themselves, two days before the attacks. Then wanted to leave the country 9 days later. I don't think that's too much of a stretch, especially since we did think enough about it to look into their chartered flights, but then kind of let the ball drop, so we'll never really know.
  9. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    Can we merge this with the short-list extremists thread?
  10. chazp

    chazp Active Member

    Great freaking idea!
  11. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Actually, Junkie, you can never go wrong blaming Bush for pretty much everything. :)
  12. dog428

    dog428 Active Member

    Actually, Junkie, chosing to lump all Saudis together to blame Bush is no more ignorant than lumping all Muslims together and suspecting that they're terrorists.
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