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A no-perspective blowhard on fantasy football

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by BigRed, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. mpcincal

    mpcincal Well-Known Member

    Great replies on here. I also absolutely hate the idea that, if I don't like it, you're an idiot and deserve to be ridiculed for having any kind of interest in it, whether it's fantasy football, NASCAR, soccer, hockey, heavy metal, rap or playing tiddly winks.

    Many have also hit the nail right on the head about re-connecting with old friends. I joined a fantasy baseball league seven years ago when I was still in the city where I went to college and worked for a few years. I had to move away a couple years after, but now that league's draft is the chance once a year to see the old gang (some college pals, some ex-co-workers, some both) and catch up, and also a reason to go back to my former area, which I still love.
  2. Lugnuts

    Lugnuts Well-Known Member

    ;D You had to ask, didn't you joe? Of course, I was referring to fantasy football, but would it surprise you to know that women are sometimes prescribed Viagra!?

    For whatever reason, some women who are trying to get pregnant are given Viagra to thicken the lining of the womb -- make it nice and pillowy in there. No joke. I have girlfriends who've been on it.

    It has absolutely no effect on a woman's sex drive.

    Do you know what does affect a woman's sex drive?............. Testosterone. Just a little bit of that stuff, and it's go time, apparently.

    Pretty wild, huh? ;D

    I'm fascinated by hormones.

    You had to ask.....
  3. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    Say, um... you don't happen to know how I can get in touch with Justin Gatlin, do you? Or Floyd Landis? I could use a little help with the ladies.
  4. Claws for Concern

    Claws for Concern Active Member

    I understand all the warm and fuzzy and the joy people get from fantasy football and the like. I also understand those who spend all of their time doing this and having fun with it. I get it.

    I just choose to never participate in it. It would bore me to tears.

    Carry on.
  5. Smallpotatoes

    Smallpotatoes Well-Known Member

    I've never played fantasy football. Just not my thing. To each his own, I guess.
    But I once worked with a guy who passed up a vacation in Cancun in early December because it was an important week for his fantasy team and he felt that he needed to be here.
    Granted, this was 1997, before the Internet was as big as it is now, but don't they have phones, TVs and newspapers in Cancun? Why couldn't have particpate from Mexico?
  6. Ashy Larry

    Ashy Larry Active Member

    I'm fairly new to fantasy football, this is my 3rd season and I like it for the reasons listed by most on this thread, but on top of that.....I know more about the NFL and it's players than any other time in my life. I

    My biggest problem with her article, and she's not the only one to make this point, is it's "fake". No it's not, I'm fairly certain every player on my fantasy team are actual people, playing in a real game on Sunday, and scoring real touchdowns.
  7. SF_Express

    SF_Express Active Member

    It's a silly column, but like columns ripping soccer or golf or any other sport (no, I'm not saying Fantasy is a sport), it'll get a rise out of people, as it is here. It's a staple of young writers, I might add. Back in my writing days, I targeted soccer and the Washington Redskins (in a weekly picks column) frequently. It got noticed, which was the whole point.

    I'm not in anything this year -- no Fantasy leagues, no pools or pick 'em leagues (first time in a while), but just because I don't want to put in the effort. But god love the people who are -- have a blast with it (I know a lot of very cool people in Fantasy leagues; she hurts her own argument, by the way, by noting that people who actually play in the NFL are doing Fantasy, too).

    The Viagra argument is simply awful.
  8. Columbo

    Columbo Active Member

    I'm in the NL punch bowl!
  9. Johnny Dangerously

    Johnny Dangerously Well-Known Member

    Being given the space for this kind of column on SI.com -- a column that purports to install perspective where previously there was none -- clearly gives Elizabeth Newman false hope that she is something she is not
  10. BigRed

    BigRed Active Member

    A couple things.
    Does anyone know Elizabeth Newman's email address? I tried to find it on SI.com and couldn't. That's why I brought this discussion here. I wanted to see if others thought like me, and a lot of you do.
    I agree that she has NO perspective. I'd like to let her know about it, with a reasoned point of view. Maybe then she'd back down. Maybe.
  11. farmerjerome

    farmerjerome Active Member

    I've been obsessed with Fantasy Football for the past five years now. I decided not to do the SportsJournalists.com NFL pick 'em this season because I spent all day online on Sundays for the past few years and couldn't enjoy the games.

    Love survival football, and I'm soooooo pissed that I fucked up in our league (thought you could pick until Sunday morning).

    Right now I'm digging salary cap.
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