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A message regarding recent despicable act

Discussion in 'SJ Site News & Suggestions' started by Lucas Wiseman, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Lucas Wiseman

    Lucas Wiseman Well-Known Member

    A few days ago, a veteran user of this site made us aware that someone had e-mailed their employer regarding the time they spent posting on this site. Having researched this incident to the best of my ability, I have not found or been provided with any evidence that implicates any particular person of doing this despicable act.

    There are merely rumors and guesses as to who was responsible for sending this e-mail. Unfortunately, I cannot punish someone based on rumors and guesses. Believe me, if I had any sort of concrete evidence, heads would roll. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for this type of behavior and if anyone has any evidence that provides more information on this subject, I would be happy to look at it.

    I also want to make something very, very clear. I am not friends with anyone on this site outside of the moderating team. There is no favoritism shown to anyone in regards to how I administer or moderate this site. This is the way it has been since I started this site in October of 2001 and that is the way it continues to be today. You may not always agree with my actions (or lack thereof in certain cases) but I can assure you that I always do what I think is best for the site.
  2. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    Let me add a couple of points:

    *The person who did this is a complete piece of shit. An ass of the highest order. How he/she sleeps at night is beyond me. If you are reading this? I hope you suffer miserably for the rest of your life. You are lower than low. Fortunately, your little act didn't do any real damage. You still suck. Hard.

    *I don't want to hear or see anyone - here or elsewhere - criticizing Webby over this one. I know for a fact how much it has bothered him. We've been in constant communication about it. We both want to do something but he's right - what without concrete proof? If you have it, bring it. Please. If not, accept the fact that it was taken very seriously.

    *A final point on that: I will fight to the death for Webby because I know all he's done to make this site possible for so many of us who enjoy it and have found it beneficial. Even with memberships, he's not making money. He's kept it going at his own expense at times. And he's about as fair a person as I've ever dealt with in any walk of life. He's been the voice of reason many times when one or more moderators have been ready to lynch someone. Those who accuse him of playing favorites are, quite simply, full of shit.

    All of us want to keep this going because the site has been a good thing for so many. But there are people out there who, well, wow. Look at what someone did here. That says plenty.
    Let me repeat this to the offender: You totally suck.
  3. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    OK - something similar has happened only this time it didn't cause a big issue because the "brass" at the paper saw it for what it was and dismissed it as such.

    I just have one question: What the flying fuck is wrong with some of you people? THIS IS A MESSAGE BOARD, nothing else. If you take things here so seriously that you'd feel the need to do something like this, you need to find quality professional help and find it quickly. You may actually be beyond help but give it a whirl, huh?

    Lower than low.
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