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A little help from your baseball press box tonight...

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by bplot, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. bplot

    bplot New Member

    Hey all, long-ago frequent poster on here. Out of the industry now, but still pop in to browse from time to time. But that's not why I'm here...

    I'm looking for a little help in paying tribute to a great guy, the official scorekeeper for the Bakersfield Blaze minor league team. (Here's a story from several years ago on him...)

    Tim Wheeler has been in the Blaze press box for 1,439 consecutive games, but that streak ended at the end of Monday night's game. Tim is going on the DL, as he calls it, battling cancer for the second time in two years. I'm the official scorer now for a collegiate summer league team and told Tim we'd keep the streak going for him with our game tonight. So we're going to do a small tribute photo for him, despite being clear across the country.

    Hoping you would all be willing to chip in and get some tribute photos from your press box at your baseball games in the next night or two, no matter the level of ball. If you can get the whole press box involved, that would be great, but anything would be awesome. So, if you can send me photos with "1,440" on them somehow (a sign or whatever), I'll send them over to Tim to encourage him.

    You can e-mail them to bp6316@gmail.com or if you PM me on here, I can give you my phone number to text it to. Thanks everyone! Good to be back in the fold briefly!
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