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A fumble recovery IS scored as a touchdown pass?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Central-KY-Kid, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. High School player in western side of the state has a chance Friday to break the NFHS single-season record for touchdown passes. He's three or four away depending on what the ruling is from his playoff opener:

    Robinson, at the 47, throws to Smith, who catches the ball and fumbles at the 21. Hickman, Smith's teammate, recovers the ball and runs 21 yards into the end zone.

    Official scorer apparently checked the rule book and gave Robinson a 47-yard touchdown pass, Smith a 47-yard reception and Hickman no reception for 0 yards BUT does get one TD receiving.

    This checks out according to the NCAA manual on page 43:


    "A.R. 4. Team A’s ball on Team B’s 20. Adams completes a pass
    to Allen, who fumbles at the 10. The ball rolls into the end zone,
    where Adler recovers for a touchdown. Credit Adams with a pass attempt,
    a completion of 20 yards and A TOUCHDOWN PASS. Credit Allen
    with a reception of 20 yards. Credit Adler with no reception
    and zero yards, but with a touchdown by receiving. Credit Team A with a
    touchdown by passing and with a fumble not lost."

    However, I CAN'T find anywhere in the stats book where it says to give a QB a touchdown pass on a fumble recovery picked up and advanced (for more than 20 yards) after a pass completion.

    Anybody know?
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