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2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Class

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Della9250, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Della9250

    Della9250 Well-Known Member

    Nominees have been announced. Kinda obvious who the top ones are

    North American Committee Nominations

    Rick Adelman (COA)
    Fletcher Arritt (COA)*
    Johnny Bach (COA)
    Chauncey Billups (PLA)
    Chris Bosh (PLA)*
    Kobe Bryant (PLA)*
    Rick Byrd (COA)
    Muggsy Bogues (PLA)
    Irv Brown (REF)
    Jim Burch (REF)
    Marcus Camby (PLA)
    Tim Duncan (PLA)*
    Mark Eaton (PLA)
    Dale Ellis (PLA)
    Hugh Evans (REF)
    Michael Finley (PLA)*
    Steve Fisher (COA)
    Cotton Fitzsimmons (COA)
    Kevin Garnett (PLA)*
    Richard Hamilton (PLA)
    Tim Hardaway (PLA)
    Ed Hightower (REF)
    Bob Huggins (COA)
    Mark Jackson (PLA)
    Herman Johnson (COA)*
    Marques Johnson (PLA)
    George Karl (COA)
    Gene Keady (COA)
    Ken Kern (COA)
    Shawn Marion (PLA)*
    Rollie Massimino (COA)
    Bob McKillop (COA)*
    Danny Miles (COA)
    Steve Moore (COA)*
    Dick Motta (COA)
    Jake O’Donnell (REF)
    Jere Quinn (COA)
    Jim Phelan (COA)
    Digger Phelps (COA)
    Lamont Robinson (PLA)
    Bo Ryan (COA)
    Bob Saulsbury (COA)
    Norm Sloan (COA)*
    Eddie Sutton (COA)
    Rudy Tomjanovich (COA)
    Ben Wallace (PLA)
    Chris Webber (PLA)
    Willie West (COA)
    Buck Williams (PLA)*
    Jay Wright (COA)

    Women’s Committee Nominations
    Leta Andrews (COA)
    Jennifer Azzi (PLA)
    Swin Cash (PLA)*
    Tamika Catchings (PLA)*
    Becky Hammon (PLA)
    Susie McConnell (PLA)
    Debbie Miller-Palmore (PLA)*
    Kim Mulkey (COA)
    Kim Mulkey (PLA)
    Marianne Stanley (COA)
    Barbara Stevens (COA)
    Valerie Still (PLA)
    Marian Washington (COA)

    DIRECT-ELECT CATEGORY: Contributor Committee Nominations
    Marv Albert
    Dick Baumgartner
    Bill Bertka
    Henry Bibby
    Marty Blake
    Vic Bubas
    Wayne Duke
    Lou Dunbar*
    Bill Foster*
    Harry Glickman
    Marty Glickman
    Simon Gourdine
    Curt Gowdy
    Tim Grgurich
    Del Harris
    Greg Heineman
    Robert Indiana
    Johnny “Red” Kerr
    Bill King
    John Kline
    Red Klotz
    Bobby Lewis
    Herbert Livsey*
    Jack McCloskey
    Jerry McHale
    Johnny Most
    Dennis Murphy
    Joe O’Toole
    Billy Packer
    Jack Powers
    Dee Rowe
    Zelda Spoelstra
    Jim Valvano
    Donnie Walsh
    Jerome Williams

    DIRECT-ELECT CATEGORY: Early African-American Pioneers Committee Nominations
    Clarence “Puggy” Bell
    Sonny Boswell
    Bill Garrett
    Inman Jackson
    Clarence “Fats” Jenkins
    Bucky Lew
    Davage “Dave” Minor
    Hudson Oliver
    Al “Runt” Pullins
    James “Pappy” Ricks
    Paul Robeson
    Eyre Saitch
    William “Wee Willie” Smith

    DIRECT-ELECT CATEGORY: International Committee Nominations
    Patrick Baumann*
    Tal Brody
    Jackie Chazalon
    Alphonso Ford
    Giuseppe Giergia
    Semen Khalipski
    Vladimir Kondrashin
    Toni Kukoc
    Marcos Leite
    Shimon Mizrahi
    Aldo Ossola
    Amaury Pasos
    Dan Peterson
    Manuel Sainz
    Togo Soares
    Ranko Zeravica

    DIRECT-ELECT CATEGORY: Veterans Committee Nominations
    1936 US Olympic Team (TEAM)
    1964 State Department Basketball Ambassadors (TEAM)
    1965 World University Games Team (TEAM)*
    Tom Blackburn (COA)*
    Ron Boone (PLA)
    Sid Borgia (REF)
    Frank Brian (PLA)
    Joe Caldwell (PLA)
    Mack Calvin (PLA)
    Darel Carrier (PLA)
    Jack Coleman (PLA)
    Bob Dandridge (PLA)
    Charles Eckman (REF)
    Leroy Edwards (PLA)
    Leo Ferris (CONT)
    Clarence “Bevo” Francis (PLA)
    Buck Freeman (COA)
    Donnie Freeman (PLA)
    Travis Grant (PLA)
    Bob Grody (PLA)
    Robert Harrison (PLA)
    Flo Harvey (PLA)
    Dick Hemric (PLA)
    Cam Henderson (COA)
    Robert Hopkins (PLA)
    Lou Hudson (PLA)
    Warren Jabali (PLA)
    Jimmy Jones (PLA)
    Charles Keinath (PLA)
    Kentucky Wesleyan 1966, 1968, 1969 (TEAM)*
    Freddie Lewis (PLA)
    Jim Loscutoff (PLA)
    Loyola of Chicago (TEA)
    Billy Markward (CONT)
    Ed McCluskey (COA)
    Ray Mears (COA)
    Francis Meehan (PLA)
    Donald “Dudey” Moore (COA)
    Willie Naulls (PLA)
    Philadelphia SPHAS (TEA)
    Mel Riebe (PLA)
    Glenn Roberts (PLA)
    Holcombe Rucker (CONT)
    Kenny Sailors (PLA)
    Fred Schaus (CONT)
    Kenny Sears (PLA)
    Frank Selvy (PLA)
    George Senesky (PLA)
    Paul Seymour (PLA)
    Charles Siler (CONT)
    Talvin Skinner (PLA)
    Ken Suesens (PLA)
    Dick Van Arsdale (PLA)
    Tom Van Arsdale (PLA)
    Perry Wallace (PLA)
    Frank Walsh (CONT)
    Willie Wise (PLA)
    Max Zaslofsky (PLA)

    DIRECT-ELECT CATEGORY: Women Veterans Committee Nominations
    Alline Banks Sprouse (PLA)
    Edmonton Commercial Grads (TEAM)
    John Head (COA)
    Pearl Moore (PLA)
    Nashville Business College (TEAM)
    Lometa Odom (PLA)
    Harley Redin (COA)
    Teresa Shank (PLA)
    Hazel Walker (PLA)
  2. CD Boogie

    CD Boogie Well-Known Member

    Justice will never come for the Van Arsdales
  3. Della9250

    Della9250 Well-Known Member

    It won't come this year as the Hall changed the format, I think because of Kobe's death
  4. Della9250

    Della9250 Well-Known Member

    Here are the finalists. Kinda obvious they changed things in the wake of Kobe's death -- there were 10 North American Finalists last year.

    I imagine this is going to be the full class, unless they just go Kobe, Duncan, Garnett and Catchings.

    The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame :: Finalists

    North American Committee Finalists for Enshrinement

    Kobe Bryant (Player)
    Tim Duncan (Player)
    Kevin Garnett (Player)
    Eddie Sutton (Coach)
    Rudy Tomjanovich (Coach)

    Women's Committee Finalists for Enshrinement

    Tamika Catchings (Player)
    Kim Mulkey (Coach)
    Barbara Stevens (Coach)

    For the Class of 2020, the Hall of Fame has elected to suspend for one year the direct-election of an individual or team from the following categories: Veteran's, Women's Veteran's, Early African-American Pioneers and the Contributors.

    The Class of 2020 will include a direct-election from the International Committee. That selection will be announced as part of the 2020 Class Announcement Show in April.
  5. Della9250

    Della9250 Well-Known Member

    Wilbon and Breen get the Curt Gowdy Media Awards

    The inaugural Insight Media Award (whatever that is) goes to Jim Gray.
    The inaugural Transformative Media Award (whatever that means) goes to TNT’s Inside the NBA crew
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