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2019 MLB Regular Season running thread

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by John B. Foster, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. bigpern23

    bigpern23 Well-Known Member

    And Sale now has 17 Ks on 108 pitches through 7. Sox are batting now, but it's probably worth switching over if you can get the game.
  2. bigpern23

    bigpern23 Well-Known Member

    Sale is out.
  3. HanSenSE

    HanSenSE Well-Known Member

    And the Rockies win in 11.
  4. bigpern23

    bigpern23 Well-Known Member

    Sale won't get the loss, but has there ever been a game where the starting pitcher struck out 17+ batters and his team lost? I know Mark Prior once struck out 16 and the Cubs lost (I was there), but not sure about 17.

    EDIT: A quick Google search shows it has happened nine other times, including twice each to Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan. It also happened to Carlton, Spahn and Feller
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
  5. mpcincal

    mpcincal Well-Known Member

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  6. HanSenSE

    HanSenSE Well-Known Member

    Have a night, Vlad Jr.
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  7. John B. Foster

    John B. Foster Well-Known Member

    He absolutely destroyed those balls. That bat speed is incredible.
  8. MTM

    MTM Well-Known Member

  9. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member

  10. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member

    Looks like the Rockies technically set a record last night. They struck out 21 times in nine innings, which would have been a record if the game ended there. The record for an extra inning game is 26. The Rockies wound up with 24, which is tied for second most.
  11. Scout

    Scout Well-Known Member

    I’m waiting for pitchers to adjust to this swing from your heels batting approach.

    Pitchers are blowing their arms out left and right throwing every pitch as hard as they can. Plus, I read someplace that every MPH of pitch speed equals 8 feet of distance on a home run.

    I’m almost waiting for the new era of knuckleballers and junk ballers.
  12. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, the Indians tied the record for most games without a triple to start the season. Marlins looking to tie it tonight.
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