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Software for writing a book
« on: July 18, 2010, 02:26:59 PM »
Ok, who here has, or is trying to, write a book? I'd love to find out what word processing software you prefer. In the past, I've just relied on Microsoft Word or Works. I've started this book using Word but I feel so unorganized. It's very tough keeping ideas flowing when you need to keep 20 files open at once. Got to be a better way.

I researched a little and stumbled on a program called Ulysses. It's designed specifically for book writing. Downloaded it for a trial. It's cool as it let's you scroll through other documents while looking at another. Has other functions too that I've yet to unlock.

Has anyone heard of this program? Do you like it? Or does anyone have any other ideas for keeping track of your words?

Funny, I recently dictated all my first hand writings using MacDictate. It's like Dragon Naturally Speaking. It counted over 70,000 words already and it's not even done! Will need to trim big time.

Thanks for reading,
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