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Hey all,

Working on an enterprise piece about athletes who have "changed the game." Basically, I'm trying to come up with as many athletes as possible who have had a move or done something so unstoppable or tremendous that their respective sport's governing bodies have made changes to slow or stop them.

For instance, the head slap was outlawed essentially because Deacon Jones had mastered it and nobody could block him. Eventually everyone else started mimicking it and they banned it. Or MLB lowering the mound soon after Bob Gibson posted the 1.12.

Anyone got anything? Thanks in advance.

Bob Cook:
"The Lew Alcindor Rule" banning dunking in the NCAA.

Jerry Jones got the NFL to change the rules this/last week regarding re-starting the clock on punts that hit the scoreboard.

This might help


Wilt Chamberlain: Baseline passes no longer were allowed to be thrown over the backboard. And free-throw shooters cannot break the plane of the foul line.

George Mikan: 3-second rule.

Michael Jordan: Traveling is no longer prohibited.  ;D


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